The National Association of Doctoral Students is pleased to inform doctoral students, doctoral candidates, young researchers and master's students that it will once again organise its long-standing multidisciplinary, international scientific conference, Spring Wind, in cooperation with Óbuda University, between 3-5 May 2024.
The János Bolyai Research Scholarship is a merit-based, highly prestigious, national scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, established in 1997 to encourage and recognise outstanding research performance among young researchers and to prepare them for the award of the title of Doctor of Sciences.
At the initiative of Brigadier General László Kovács, Deputy Rector of Science, a workshop was organised at the Zrínyi Hall of the Ludovika Main Building of the University of Public Service.
Sixteen students and twelve teachers were awarded prizes at the award ceremony of the "APP&X" competition of the Bolyai János Mathematical Society on 20 January 2024. The competition, open to students in grades 3-13, was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the HAS Alumni Programme for Secondary Schools.
After forty-four years, a Hungarian astronaut can make history again. Hungary is sending a research astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct scientific experiments during a nearly month-long expedition as part of the HUNOR - Hungarian Astronaut Programme.
Applications are now open for this year's Dr Imre Balogh Memorial Competition, with entries due by 15 May.
As the custodian of Hungary's written cultural heritage, the National Széchényi Library is continuously digitising and publishing the oeuvre of the Hungarian authors who have been released from copyright obligations. On the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day, the National Széchényi Library has made around 180 works available for free access and downloading on the renewed Hungarian Electronic Library, which contains around 25 000 items.
László Kovács, Brigadier General, Professor of the Department of Electronic Warfare of the University of Public Service, was awarded the title of Doctor of Sciences for his scientific thesis entitled The Strategic Approach to Cyber Security. His main research interests are the comparison of national strategies for cyber warfare and the development of a timeless national strategy to keep pace with the threat of hostile attacks on computer systems in the era of rapidly evolving information technology, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. In our series on Professors of the Hungarian Adcademy of Sciences, we feature researchers who have won the title for their achievements in a wide range of disciplines.
Tamás Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, told to Népszava: although the Horizont programme is indispensable to mitigate the damage, political obstacles must be removed as soon as possible to ensure that all Hungarian research institutions are once again full and equal participants in the European research area, free of discrimination.