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Events of the Ministry of Interior on the occasion of Hungarian Science Festival 2020
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Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Section of Economics and Law Challenges of the application of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning Lecture session
special issue 3.
Now we have come to the third special issue of Belügyi Szemle in English. Fortunately, the repository of high-standard scientific publications in English is practically inexhaustible. Numerous phantastic experts, researchers, doctorands honoured us by enrichment our present publication with their papers.
The Hungarian Science Festival 2020 started with festive welcomes, award ceremonies and scientific lecture. The slogan of this year’s programs is: Future Forming Science. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences expects everyone interested in science – because of the pandemic - with online broadcasts between 3rd and 30th November.
Hereby we inform anyone interested, that on the website of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Interior you can find the events of the Ministry of Interior in connection with the Hungarian Science Festival 2020 under following links.
Interview with Dr. László Garamvölgyi, ret. pol. brigadier-general, communications manager of the National Crime Prevention Council
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From 2 October 2020, the Belügyi Szemle was included in the international database of ProQuest, an indexing organization in Michigan.
The European Commission nominated members for the independent scientific body in preparation for the election of the next president of the European Research Council (ERC). One of the seven international top scholars is Tamás Freund, brain researcher, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
A breakthrough was achieved on inhibition of the function of the main protease, a key protein of Covid-19, within the frame of an international cooperation. Although the researches started just a few months ago, the consortium has found - applying the molecular LEGO conception - more than 70 molecules that could be used as initial point for development of the pharmaceutical.
József Bayer, ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, was elected for chairman of Department IX. Economic and Law Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for the academic cycle 2020-2023. Deputies of the chairman are Gábor Hamza, ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Péter Halmai, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.