Panna Tokodi

Spain, Madrid: tourism and safety?!

Spain, Madrid: tourism and safety?!


Tourism is connected to any phenomena in the world, it became a social phenomenon worldwide. The safety of a touristic destination is an emphasised factor when taking travel decisions, as it is commonly known as an important base for the complex system of tourism. It is the tourist’s duty to have any relevant information on the travel target and the visited target has to grant that. But the events of the world do not challenge tourists only but law enforcement organisations, too. The aim of the paper is to present briefly the safety situation of tourism in Spain, especially in Madrid, extended by an on-the-spot interview with the Hungarian deputy consul and my experiences gained in the few weeks’ time I spent there. I intend to proof that in spite of the negative circumstances described in this paper – like demonstrations, riots, difficulties in communication and other problems meeting tourists – the volume of tourism in Spain is unbroken.


tourist, safety of tourism, Consul’s Office, Madrid