Valér Dános – Zsuzsanna Hornyik – Csaba Szabó

Mirror - The way of Belügyi Szemle into the community of Q-journals – development, results, tasks

Mirror - The way of Belügyi Szemle into the community of Q-journals – development, results, tasks


In the world of journals, the column Mirror offers generally also an opportunity for a hard check, for a facing of results, for a contemplation of successes and failures. In Belügyi Szemle we consider the occasionally published column Mirror as a view about us and a description of that in the truest sense in the world. In this column we plan to publish massages where authors intend to present a reflection of their professional and scientific area and to describe a hard check in connection with that. With launch of this column, we have the unveiled aim to build a bridge offering bidirectional information stream for authors and readers. A mirror works properly when it offers a look without any distortions of reality for the reader standing in front of it. We know that having different viewpoints you will get different pictures. We always try to avoid the phenomenon of curved mirrors and keep continuously the straight angle of 180 grades, as we believe that in this way, we can show our readers the most perfect reality in an objective way. After that it is up to the reader if he wants to look into the mirror from a different angle or would like to know what is hidden on the other side of the mirror. It is also clear for us that the picture of a mirror is, in spite of any efforts to show the most authentic picture, simpler and paler than reality. Therefore, it is possible that the reader will not always get the most complex and best contrasted picture in the mirror in front of him. A year has passed since our editorial team in the new composition started its work. Also therefore, we think that it is worth stopping, looking into the mirror, preparing a bill and looking back into the past year, evaluating the way passed and the results reached. Many things happened in the past year in the life of our editorial team. In our article – although we can only give you a snapshot of the events of nearly four hundred days – we have tried to give a look for our readers into everyday life and results of the editorship.


Belügyi Szemle, developments, results, scientometrics