Erzsébet Tőzsér

Supportive Police Commanding as Servant Leadership

Supportive Police Commanding as Servant Leadership


The organization of the Hungarian police is also looking for opportunities to adapt to the transformed labour market conditions. It also means challenges to integrate the thinking method of the new generations in the organization. A change in leadership attitude is essential for the adjustment of the organization, one of the tools for that can be servant leadership. In the case of servant leadership, the leader acts above his self-interests, he acts for professional and human development of guided people, he wants to influence their mentality. Recently, the police have paid special attention to ethical leadership care of the executive staff, to so-called supportive commanding. Servant leadership, as supportive commanding, can represent a well-accepted leadership attitude for new generations, and it can achieve the intended change of attitude in the organization. The 5 level of leadership concept of John Maxwell can help to be put servant leadership into practice as supportive commanding.


police, leadership attitude, servant leadership, generation