The aim of this quiz game is– beside amusement – to get forward and enlarge knowledge, which is also a proof of our mission. After completion of a game the result is calculated automatically immediately, and that will be shown as a numeric result in the folder soon. Participants of games with more rounds can also state a code word and then the results will be shown summarized after each round under that code. A reminder of that we announce in the introduction of the actual quiz round.

General rules: under this menu item you can mostly find online quiz with 8-10 questions with an only right answer each. The solver of the quiz must choose one of the answers as there is only one answer correct. In case the participant gives the right answer the word „correct” appears, if not appears the answer „incorrect”. In both cases you will always find beside the qualifier (correct or incorrect) also an information about the store of knowledge belonging to the correct answer.

In certain cases, following a so-called quiz learning method, we apply solutions suitable to control or enlarge your knowledge. The rules are here mostly the same as described previously. At this kind of games, you can only proceed further after you have clicked on the correct answer. To find the correct answer you will also in this case find beside the qualifier expression information about the store of knowledge belonging to the given topic. The essence of the applied method is that you can find hidden information in the correct answer appearing, that can be asked in one of the following questions. By that we intend to disclose lucky guesses in our game. About results of completed test papers we also make statistics appearing with the definitive result so that the participant can compare the own result with the average value.

We also intend to set up a system of the quiz games. Conditions and rules of participation will be published with the announcement of the given quiz under the menu item NEWS OF SCIENTIFIC WORLD in the middle of our home page.