József Beke - Péter Cieleszky - Ivett Nagy - Attila Fejes - Éva Rompos - Ádám Kalmár - Ferenc Urbán - Zsolt Lippai - Gergely Péter Pászti

International Law Enforcement Observer II.

International Law Enforcement Observer II.


This time we give an insight into the topics of the international law enforcement literature, which are the current issues of law enforcement administration, protection of public order and public safety, and law enforcement. Among these is the methodology of action defined as a police monopoly on violence, which the Anglo-Saxon concept interprets as the nationalization of violence. A lot of attention falls to one of the most sensitive stages of law enforcement, the investigation of suspects, and in particular the procedural and psychological aspects of interrogations. Another area worth noting is the the forgery of travel documents, the concealment of identity, which not only makes it more difficult to combat illegal migration, but is often an instrument of serious crimes such as human trafficking, criminal organization or terrorism. We are dealing with the consequences of the rise of digital data, which on the one hand makes it easier to establish identity and, on the other hand, raises barriers to data protection. We can learn about application plans for artificial intelligence that can provide a promising perspective on predictive law enforcement tactics focused on crime prevention. A recurring theme is the comparison of military and police culture, the observation of the convergence of two inherently different threat response strategies. One of the targets of police intelligence is the uncovering of prostitution, especially with regard to trap situation created by undercover investigators, which need to be revised both in terms of constitutionality and violation of the principles of fair trial. No less exciting is to examine how the methodology of effective and non-violent policing could be further enriched so that good solutions can also be included in police training.


International Law Enforcement Observer, Ministry of Interior of Hungary, home affairs administration