Nikoletta Petra Nándori

History and Elements of the Vocation Policemen

History and Elements of the Vocation Policemen


The study shortly examines the relevant periods in the history of Hungary in terms of the police profession. My goal is to explore the elements of the profession that can be read from the Hungarian law enforcement literature of the 19th and 20th century. In addition to the social changes that took place during the era, it was of paramount importance that the state armed bodies, including the police, perform their duties in accordance with well-established professional expectations. The police served their social function in the state organization as a branch of the administrative authority. The study describes the nature of the police profession, starting from the examination of the elements. The examination includes the exploration of the social role of the police and the moral justification of this role, as well as the abilities and virtues expected of the police force, which, among other things, facilitate the integration of the police force and thus its more efficient performance. However, they form an important contact between law enforcement and society.


profession, police profession, police ethics, police history