Gyula Bogdány

Opportunities to proof dog attacks

Opportunities to proof dog attacks


Researches of animal behaviour have proofed that the reasons for attacks of house animals on men can be found in human behaviour. The oldest and closest animal companion, the dog is even more dependent on human formation of this connection. From dog attacks happening in everyday practice I present those with the seldom consequence of death. My analysis under criminalistic aspects includes clearing of events, identification of the attacking animals and through them also of their owners and the research of criminological responsibility. In case of the presented examples with incalculable frequency, and therefore only preventable with low-efficiency, the investigating authority applied methodism mixing traditional forensic-professional methods based on the principle of material intersection and the opportunities of genetic researches for identification of animal races and individuals. I trust to contribute through the experiences described to a more effective clearance of similar events in the future and to easier determination of direction, depth and volume of evidence.


dog assault, criminalistic skills, animal genetics, culpability