Árpád Budavári

Reform of the Dutch police

Reform of the Dutch police


Aim: Among the recent structural reforms of police organizations in northern and western Europe, this study examines the transformation of the Dutch police in 2012–2013.
Methodology: Using the relevant international literature, it presents the past and present law enforcement system of the country, the circumstances that led to the reform, and the findings from its evaluation.
Findings: The study concludes by pointing out fundamental flaws in the implementation of the reform: that significant results were expected too quickly from the reform, that its implementation shifted asymmetrically towards structural change, and that the police and protected communities have drifted apart as an unintended effect of the reforms.
Value: The experience of reform can help to reflect the challenges of the law enforcement transformations of the future.


Dutch police, reform of police, law enforcement strategy, community policing, plural policing