Viktor Halász

Ransomwares and the No More Ransom project

Ransomwares and the No More Ransom project


Aim: The purpose of this article is to present the categories of ransomwares, the main operational principles of these malwares and Europol’s No More Ransom project to combat ransomware.
Methodology: I collected data regarding ransomwares by processing studies and surveys on the subject, also by personal experience gained during the investigation of such crimes and international criminal cooperation.
Findings: In recent years the number of ransomware infections has steadily increased, the methods used by criminals have improved and the damage caused by such attacks is higher than ever which is why there is an increasing need for projects like No More Ransom.
Value: The study helps domestic law enforcement investigators better understand how ransomware works and provides insight into a possible method for recovering encrypted files.


ransomware, malware, cybercrime, No More Ransom