The legal regulation of domestic violence and its assertiveness



The legal regulation of domestic violence and its assertiveness

                                                                                            Interview with judge Dr. Ágnes Frech

Paragraph 212/A. § (1) of the Criminal Code regulates important elements of domestic violence, according to that: Those persons who regularly maintain an attitude against a parent of the own child or a dependent kept house together at the time of perpetration or previously or former spouse, former life partner, caretaker, cared for, guardian, guarded that is grievously injuring, humiliating or violent, or those to deprive material goods from the common household or from common property causing the aggrieved persons hardships, in case they do not commit more serious crime, should be punished for infringement with prison sentence of maximum two years.  

The Editorship of Belügyi Szemle intends to be in the forefront of handling scientific and professional topics interesting for a wider part of the society. Under consideration of the outstanding priority of the present topic we try to announce opinions of most possible experts working in several sectors. Dr. Ágnes Frech is one of the best known criminal judges in our country, she is an expert of child protection and after a successful career of over 40 years as a judge she became an active contributor for preparations of the legal rule from 2012. From February 2014 until taking effect of the new Code of Criminal Proceedings (Be.) she was the leader of the work group for codification. A more authentic and more experienced expert we could not have asked about legal regulation of above statement of facts. The interview was conducted by Zsuzsanna Hornyik.