Gábor Éberhardt

Identification of overloaded migration concept in migration theory

Identification of overloaded migration concept in migration theory


The study examines the effects of regular and irregular migration on the Schengen external borders of Hungary, following the principles of classical and modern migration theories, using their analysis, applying the methodology of science theory. From the evaluation data of the analyses it becomes possible to identify a feature that had not previously appeared in the European context, nor did it touch the nations of other continents in its complexity as Hungary in 2014 and 2015, with the requirements of the existing national and international and Schengen normative regulatory frameworks. From the analysis of the relationship between data analysis and the related elements, a new, previously unexplored and unpublished approach to the effects of migration has been identified with its description, and the creation of a new concept. Methodological research results of overloading characteristic for regular and irregular migration are subject of independent studies.


border control, asylum, migration, migration theory, overload, policing