Klára Kerezsi

What can propel law enforcement scientific thinking?

What can propel law enforcement scientific thinking?


As a summary I want to emphasize that for professional platform offering opportunities for research-oriented law enforcement studies and for interdisciplinary dialogs are new researches indispensable as new scientific results only can be based on new knowledge and new researches. In the field of law enforcement are applied researches characteristic. The results of these researches can serve as a “mirror” but also as an “motor” by their impact on the organization examined. Mirror-type researches give feedbacks about and also articulate the complex reality of law enforcement politics and practice. Their task is to disclose and explain how law enforcement organizations handle certain social problems and what kind of special tools for solutions they have available. On the contrary “motor”-type researches are made decidedly with the intention to offer pulling power for reforms and new developments.


law enforcement, new researches, social problems