Csaba Fenyvesi

Presentation for recognition and faith

Presentation for recognition and faith


The self-confident and clear ability of Peter-Simon in recognition and selection of Christ we scarcely can expect in today’s world, burdened by bulks of data, information and stimuli, from plaintiffs or witnesses of criminal offences. Yet all criminalists must endeavour to recall memories of perceivers by any fair means and methods in the most precise way, filtered out or minimized eventual distortions or errors.  They have a great responsibility here as eventual errors in recognition – as observable above in exemplary cases – may have fatal consequences. Our fishnet of criminalistic and state of law will not bring a bountiful harvest.  Much rather can “dead fishes” come to the surface and these cannot strengthen our faith in state of law and efficiency of modern criminalistics.  Certainly not!


forensics, recognition, faith