Erzsébet Tőzsér

Organizational psychological examination of two city police departments in 2018

Organizational psychological examination of two city police departments in 2018


This paper presents organizational psychological examinations of two urban police stations in 2018. The examinations were initiated by the leaders of the organizations, with the aim of surveying the communication and the morale of the given organizational elements and exploring the background of increased employees’ turnover. The research used interviews and questionnaires. For the second study, each employee of the police department was interviewed and completed a questionnaire. Thus, we got a complex picture of the morale, the communication, the quality of the relationships (trust, consistency, feedback, cooperation), the performance, and the employees’ turnover in the organizations, which revealed many social phenomena such as the appearance of new generations (Y and Z) on the labour market. Thanks to the opportunities provided by the basic mental health care of the police force, this study not only presents a cross-sectional picture of the two organizational elements, but also describes typical organizational psychological considerations of today’s police organization. It concludes that morale is typically influenced by two pervasive perceptions in the organization, which are a sense of organizational injustice and the negative approach of human nature experienced by the employees. We recommend changes in the human resource strategy to increase the weakened retention capacity of the organization. Currently community, social support and good relationships are the key sources of attachment for people to the organization, so it is essential to support them.


police, investigation of organizational psychology, human strategy, morale, turnover