János István Pataki

Execution and exaction reflected upon police procedure

Execution and exaction reflected upon police procedure


The basic task of the Law Enforcement Secondary School Szeged is the education of the executive staff of police in a day school. We further organize a lot of courses and trainings helping the executive staff to up-to-date knowledge. Our school has organized since 2018 trainings for subdivision leaders in the South Plain Region of Hungary, which is due to feedbacks of the past period successful and popular for the participating colleagues. Our school has always paid attention to offer beside the obligatory curriculum also actual and practical knowledge for the participants. In the media can be frequently seen that the help of police is demanded for a successful fulfilment of execution ordered by court.
This might be very divisive for the society and is obviously not the most preferred work for the police colleagues involved. This must be fulfilled with appropriate temperateness and needs a suitable preparation for each of the participants. This should be supported by the summary on the following pages, about that the participating subdivision leaders of detective squad and of public order were informed in frame of a lecture held by the author of this article.


execution, exaction, police