Our Editorship

Our Editorship

Belügyi Szemle, the professional and scientific periodical of the Ministry of Interior, has had -with some changes of the name- for more than sixty years a great importance among periodicals of scientific public life in Hungary. The periodical started in 1953 under the name Rendőrségi Szemle. According to its mission the most important task of the periodical was to summarize the experiences of police work. 1963 the name changed for Belügyi Szemle, in 1991-1994 for Rendészeti Szemle, then 1995 for Belügyi Szemle, in 2006 again for Rendészeti Szemle, and in June 2010 again for Belügyi Szemle. From 1953 to 1984 had been the Editor in Chief of Belügyi Szemle – with smaller interruptions—Dr. Pál Déri police captain. From 1985 Dr. Géza Finszter, from 1989 Dr. Lajos Rácz, in 1991 Dr. Endre Szabó, in 1992 Dr. István Szikinger, in 1993 Dr. Valér Dános and from 1994 Dr. László Korinek had been the Editors in Chief of the periodical.

The year 2019 is a decisive period in the life of Belügyi Szemle, as beside the printed edition appeared also the newsletter of Belügyi Szemle, which acts as a herald and recommender of each month’s publication. In the spring of 2020 started the news portal of Belügyi Szemle which offers the opportunity to fulfil several demands. On one side the news portal has a website structure for mixed usage, publishing contents outside the contents of the periodical and on the other side offers opportunity for reflections and for the readers to vote in our actual questions or to take part in in our quiz games. With the start of our website really a new era began in the life of the professional and scientific periodical Belügyi Szemle. Under the name Belügyi Szemle Special Issue, published only online, we publish four times a year a thematic issue with articles in English.

Department IX. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ranked the periodical in its position table to the five periodicals with highest evaluation. The periodical publishes analysing and evaluating articles on social deviances, and on questions of public order and law enforcement from the perspectives of criminology, criminal psychology, penology and law enforcement.
The intellectuality of Belügyi Szemle has not changed for the last six decades. The most important aim is even today to offer opportunities for domestic researchers, teachers, PhD students and experts of law enforcement and other scientific areas to publish articles of research achievements and of professional experiences in the possible widest area. Manuscripts will go under a double-blind review carried out by experts of our peer reviewers’ network. The periodical has been published from the beginning monthly in print, in Hungarian language. Manuscripts in English are published exclusively in the online periodical Belügyi Szemle Special Issue. Under the sign of intellectuality mentioned above our periodical offers space for scientific and professional messages of the bordering sciences of law enforcement science, of law and social sciences and of natural sciences.

The periodical is ranked by the Comittee on Political and Law Sciences of Department IX of Economics and Law, and by the Committee on Psychology of Department II of Philosophy and Historical Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to the highest category „A”, so accordingly, the authors of the articles appearing in the journal receive the highest possible score. Each member of the Editorial Committee and of the Editorial team is deeply committed to handle a professional and scientific periodical which can help as a real intellectual workshop beside the career development of researchers and teachers also in enlarging, refreshment and renewal of knowledge for other experts. The editors of our periodical deeply believe that this periodical can play even in the future an important role in support of teachers and researchers, in the evaluation of their publications and creator activities and further in raising of educational and knowledge level of practical experts.