András László Szabó

Scientific methods of public administration in migration research

Scientific methods of public administration in migration research


In my study, I list the directions of migration research, all from the point of view of public administration science. The emergence of migration research as an independent field is necessitated by the growth of migration. Researchers are researching the phenomenon of migration from their own field. Public administration uses a multidisciplinary, i.e. methodological approach of several disciplines, all of which is determined by the knowledge and nature of the subject of the given research. In the following, I review and evaluate the methodological directions of the research, which can provide an answer to a segment of the phenomenon of migration. The study gives an insight into research methods for migration research. It is not intended to present specific examples and procedures. At the end of the study, in possible directions, beyond the science of public administration, I list the organizations and faculties that are able to use the methodology of migration research.


scientific research, migráció, public administration, methods