Beside the periodical Belügyi Szemle published monthly we offer site for many more useful contents on our news portal, too. Among the menu items of the news portal isl under ABOUT US the Editorship of Belügyi Szemle introduced, you can find information about the historical past of the printed periodical. We introduce the members of the editorial team and you can get known about the changes in the history of Belügyi Szemle for the last six decades, we formulate our targets in a short declaration of our mission and define which scientific expectations we intend to meet.

Under the menu item BELÜGYI SZEMLE you can find first the HOME page of the periodical Belügyi Szemle.

In the next menu item INFORMATION on the periodical we present the members of the editorial committee and the professional advisory board supporting the professional and scientific work, as well as our constant peer reviewers and our colleagues in the editorial team. Here you can find the data protection regulation, the code of ethics and the archiving policy of Belügyi Szemle and further the submenu item Masthead, where you can find beside the main masthead data also scientometric information and the declaration of mission of our Editorship.

Under the menu item AVAILABLE CONTENTS, you can find the issues of the actual band of the printed Belügyi Szemle and of the independent online periodical Belügyi Szemle Special Issue.

Beside the monthly publication of print and digital issues as well as the publication of digital special issues you can read numerous messages under several titles, reflecting the efforts of the Editorship on fusion and share of information. Accordingly, you can find in the column Outlook of the periodical messages outside of the scientific areas of Belügyi Szemle but worthy of publication because of their contents.

The column Forum opens opportunity not only for represents of the professional and scientific field but also for non-professional readers to publish messages with proactive and innovative ideas helping the exchange of information and views. The columns Interview, Portrait, Recension and International Review contain publications systematized according to the column names.

Under the menu item AUTHORS, you can find among others the submenus Guide for Authors, Publisher guidelines, Author’s Declaration, About ORCID/DOI, OJS 3.0, Scientific integrity and Open Access. Useful things to know for present and future authors of Belügyi Szemle.

The menu item PEER REVIEWERS contains information for registered peer reviewers of Belügyi Szemle.

Under the menu items SUBSCRIPTION and CONTACTS, you can find information about subscription to the periodical and about ordering special issues, respectively all accessibilities of Belügyi Szemle. Sending a message to the Editorship is also possible by completing the form available here.

On our news portal’s homepage readers can find four informative windows. The first one shows contents of the printed periodical BELÜGYI SZEMLE with names of authors, titles, abstracts, key words, page numbers, DOI identification of the papers and the URL link to the OJS (Open Journal Systems) of Belügyi Szemle, if you open this surface.

By clicking on the icon NEWSLETTER is also our latest newsletter in each month available. Here you can find a recommendation of the next number of Belügyi Szemle and a summary of latest news and actual events selected by the editorial team and further a review of books and periodicals containing a recommendation of the selected scientific and professional periodicals.

Under NEWS OF SCIENTIFIC LIFE, we intend to inform you about all relevant events and conferences in connection with the field of law enforcement sciences and adherent scientific areas.

Under PROFESSIONAL NEWS AND EVENTS, we offer newest information for professionals every month and summaries about professional events. We pay special attention to crime prevention and to activities of and information about civil-defence, law enforcement and other organizations of the interior.

Under the menu item CONTACT you can find information about accessibility of our Editorship.

The menu item Applications in the under grey strip contains the availability of newest applications in connection with scientific fields and professional life of the interior. Under the menu item Useful Links, you can find the most important institutions for our visitors.