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Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND


The Editorship of Belügyi Szemle joined the international licence system Creative Commons from the issue 2020/11 of Belügyi Szemle. Accordingly, we ensure by the application of the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC-BY-NC-ND) licence that the texts of the papers can be applied by entitled persons in the unchanged form and ignoring commercial utilization. Creative Commons is a non-profit company offering several types of licence contracts in them authors can grant easement of their works for the public. Licence contracts are on the Internet free accessible and compatible to several web applications. Creative Commons plays an important role in the scientific movement Open Access, which makes scientific researches and periodicals available for a wider public on the World Wide Web. The world’s greatest scientific publishers with open access use all CC licences for online publication and free accessibility of their contents.

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Indexing organizations

The articles published in Belügyi Szemle are reviewed in the scientific data bases CrossRef (DOI), ProQuest is an international indexer, WorldCat is an international library provider and in Google Scholar in English language, and in MATARKA in Hungarian language.

REAL-J Repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: A collection of digitalized and digitally published journals and periodicals. Scientific periodicals are stored according to volumes/issues or volumes/booklets. Issues of Belügyi Szemle are available from the issue 2015/01 (with continuous upload of data) in the collection of the MTA REAL-J repository. Belügyi Szemle follows and applies for free accessibility of the periodical issues the open (gold) availability.

REAL Repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: The REAL repository of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences contains full texts of the publications registered in the Directory of Hungarian Scientific Works (MTMT). Belügyi Szemle grants free access for Studies, Book reviews, Forum, Outlook, Interviews of the print issues monthly and for the full content of the online special issues in English and in Hungarian, following and applying the open (gold) method. 



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