Our peer reviewers

Our peer reviewers

Below you can see the list of specialists who are great authorities on given fields of science and support the professional and scientific activities of Belügyi Szemle as permanent peer reviewers. In case a paper is received from a field outside of the here listed ones, or the message needs special expertise we ask for help of contributing peer reviewers.

Our permanent peer reviewers:

Dr. László Balatonyi PhD, water sciences

Károly Balog, national security

Dr. Balázs Bognár PhD, disaster management

Dr. Róbert Bogotyán, corrections

Péter Cieleszky, law enforcement science

Dr. Zsuzsanna Engi PhD, water sciences

Attila Fejes, national security

Dr. Krisztina Gulyás PhD, water sciences

Dr. Balázs Gyüre, water sciences

Dr. habil. Zoltán Hautzinger, aliens policing

Lászlóné Hazai Dr., national security

Antal Horváth, law enforcement science

Dr. Ferenc Horváth, national security

Dr. László Jakab, technical sciences

Dr. Péter Kiss, criminal sciences   

Dr. Jenő Kontra, technical sciences 

Dr. Péter Kozák PhD, water sciences

Dr. Balázs Laufer, national security

Tamás Lesták, aliens policing

Dr. Katalin Lucza, national security

Márton Maller MSc, PhD-student, water sciences

Dr. Péter Mell, national security

Dr. Ákos Molnár, law enforcement science

Dr. Judit Mógor PhD, disaster management

Dr. Richárd Nagy, police

Dr. Tamás Právetz PhD, water sciences

Dr. Piroska Pomogyi, water sciences

Dr. Teszárné Dr. Mariann Nagy PhD, water sciences

Attila Tímár MSc, water sciences

Dr. László Tóth PhD, water sciences

Tamás Tóth, national security

Dr. Róbert Varga, criminal sciences

Zsolt Várkonyi, corrections

Péter Vásárhelyi MSc, PhD-student, water sciences

Noémi Zalai-Göbölös, national security