Members of the editorial team

Dr. Valér Dános editor-in-chief, candidate of law and social sciences, associate professor. He has made educational and scientific works on the area of criminology, criminal law, law enforcement sciences and their fellow sciences for near 40 years.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Hornyik deputy editor-in-chief, her special subjects are copyright, international law and EU-law, as well as crime prevention. She is lecturer at National University of Public Service.

Dr. Csaba Szabó PhD, managing editor, former lecturer at National University of Public Service.  Former managing editor of the periodical Magyar Rendészet.

Prof. Dr. József Boda university professor, specialist peer reviewer of foreign languages, former dean at the Faculty of Law Enforcement of National University of Public Service.

Dr. Lajos Hertelendi editorial proof-reader, experienced professional at several fields of law enforcement.

Zsuzsanna Végh copy editor, secretary and copy editor of the previous editorial team.

Henrietta Luda associate of the editorial team, former associate of the previous editorial team.

László Botlik picture editor, professional of educational technics, educational technology and of digital photo and video production with experiences of several decades.

Károly Csala, associate, former editor-in-chief of the police magazine Zsaru.

József Havasi translator, in charge for the English version of the periodicals.

Anita Varga, associate.