Archiving policy

Archiving policy

The editorship of Belügyi Szemle, accepting the historical responsibility of preserving and handling all detectable numbers of the professional and scientific periodical of the Ministry of Interior started in 1953, considers following archiving principles determinative.

Access to the archived scientific and professional database of nearly sixty years is bound to special stipulations as follows:

Available earlier issues (in PDF-format) can be accessed upon previous agreement for research or tutorial activities and for professional work. In the reference of usage must be indicated the place of origin, under consideration the regulations for reference on the affected scientific field.

Belügyi Szemle grants access for persons interested in preserved collection of an inestimable value upon special permission. Usage of and reference to this material must be always declared and documented in advance.

The authors of the Belügyi Szemle do not pay or receive a fee under any title for the publication of scientific articles.

Belügyi Szemle applies and utilizes an open (gold) immediate accessibility in case of papers, book reviews, interviews and studies published in the column Forum.

The corrected (peer reviewed) versions and the printed and the electronic (pdf) variations of the publisher’s versions of papers sent to the editorship of Belügyi Szemle for publication, and the Open Access notifications published consonant with the conditions of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) (, according to that the articles are free applicable, sharable and can be republished in any media, assumed that the author and the place of publication, respectively the link of the CC License are indicated.

Belügyi Szemle archives and indexes the publisher’s versions of the papers published in printed or in digital form in pdf format after publication in the OJS archive of Belügyi Szemle and in the REAL repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as in the date bases of the international indexing societies ProQuest and EBSCO.

The OJS archive system available at the following URL link: