Professional Advisory Board

Professional Advisory Board

It is an important change at Belügyi Szemle that the work of the Editorship will be supported besides the Editorial Committee also by the Professional Advisory Board. Members of the Board are leaders of organizations of the Ministry of Interior and great authorities of the scientific areas represented by Belügyi Szemle.

Members of the Professional Advisory Board:

Dr. Kristóf Péter Bakai PhD cust. brigadier general, deputy commissioner for Customs and International Affairs

Dr. János Balogh, pol. lieutenant general, director of the National Police Headquarters

Dr. Zoltán Bolcsik State Secretary for Law Enforcement, State Secretariat of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of the Interior

Dr. Zoltán Góra, firef. lieutenant general, director of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management

Dr. Sándor Gömbös, brigadier general, Director General of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing

János Hajdu, pol. lieutenant general, director general of the Counter Terrorism Centre

Dr. József Hatala, ret. pol. lieutenant general, president of the National Crime Prevention Council

Dr. Mátyás Hegyaljai, Deputy State Secretary for EU and International Relations, Ministry of Interior

Prof. Dr. Frigyes Janza, ret. pol. major general, inspector general for education of the Ministry of Interior

Prof. Dr. Gábor Kovács pol. major general, dean of the Faculty for Law Enforcement Science of the University for Public Service, tenured university professor

István Láng, leader of the General Directorate of Water

Prof. Dr. János Sallai pol. colonel, University of Public Service, head of department, university professor,

Dr. Marcel Szabó, constitutional judge, international lawyer

Dr. Thomas Herko, Attaché for Home Affairs of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior in Hungary

Dr. Szilvia Tomin pol. major general, director general of the National Protective Service

Dr. Tamás Tóth, corr. lieutenant general, leader of the National Headquarters of the Hungarian Prison Service

Dr. András Túrós, ret. pol. lieutenant general, president of the Nationwide Civil Self-Defence Organization