Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Belügyi Szemle, the professional and scientific periodical of the Ministry of Interior assigns peer reviewers for copy editing of the papers. The peer reviewer only gets known the text of the paper and the author only the content of copy editing (double blind peer review). Therefore each party who should agree with publication (author, editorial committee of the periodical, peer reviewer and publisher) must accept the regulations of ethical aspects.

This code of ethics is based on Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors of COPE (Commission for Publication Ethics,

Duties of the editorship

Decisions on publication

The editor-in-chief of the periodical decides on acceptance and publication of papers received. We aim fastest possible publication in case the papers meet content and formal requirements of Belügyi Szemle. The editorship can confine publication of a manuscript in case it violates -according to effective legal provisions – regulations of libel, copyrights or plagiarism. These criteria will be checked by the editorship of the periodical, who is entitled to run programs to single out plagiarism.

Equal opportunity

The members of the editorship evaluate the papers received, in each case unconsidered the sex of the authors, their sexual orientation, religious conviction, ethnic background, citizenship or political views.


The members of the editorship do not share any information about manuscripts handed in for publication. This regulation is not valid for authors, peer reviewers, possible peer reviewers and further for publisher and printery.

Publication and incompatibility

The members of the editorship must not use handed in and not published parts of manuscripts for own researches without written consent of the authors.

Authors’ duties

Principles for publication

Interpretations and consequences can be exclusively based on facts or on objective and logical evidences. Background data of the paper should be exactly presented. False or deliberately incorrect statements are considered as unethical and unacceptable behaviour.

Originality and plagiarism

Authors have to guarantee and regarding this declare that the paper is their own and original intellectual creation, and in case they used works, expressions and results of other authors, they must be quoted and referred competently.

Multiple, parallel and simultaneous publication

It is not a correct practice to publish manuscript of the same research in several publications or periodicals. Handing in the same manuscript simultaneously to several periodicals is considered as unethical and unacceptable behaviour.

Indication of the supporting project

The six months closed embargo period does not meet the columns Forum, Book review and Interview of the print issues, respectively the full content of the online special issues in English and in Hungarian.