Ferenc Molnár

Security of Energy Supply with Knowledge of Expected Production and Consumption Trends

Security of Energy Supply with Knowledge of Expected Production and Consumption Trends


The history of mankind is accompanied by the presence of energy, its ever-expanding uses and forms, and the ever-increasing need for energy. For the man of the present-day energy is present in so many forms of appearance and use that it could not be listed without being exhaustive. The use of energy is decisive in every segment of modern human life. Without exaggeration, it can be stated that the conditions of the urbanized man living today would basically change without energy. Without electricity, nothing would work, such as control systems implemented by computing devices as well as the main and auxiliary equipment of basic power systems. It is easy to see that the absence of electricity water and gas supply would be a cut off. Ventilation systems would not work. Traffic would stop and it would be total dark at night. There would be no heating and cooling systems for the apartments. Industrial and agricultural production would stop. There would be no drinking water or food. Communication and security systems would not work. National law enforcement would not be able to fulfil its function. Lack of energy would lead to economic and social disaster. Today’s global population of nearly 8 billion people is depleting the Earth’s energy supply and destroying its natural environment at the cost of ruthless energy use. If the current energy use trend of civilization will not be moderated and modified, the conditions of humanity as a whole will be jeopardized, in the immediate future. In this case, we will eliminate the living conditions of future generations. It is a popular saying that the Earth is not ours, we have just borrowed it from our grandchildren. It is our responsibility to pass on a liveable world to posterity.


sustainable development, energy supply, emission, electricity