Gusztáv Báger

Conceptual foundations of integrity. General theoretical features

Conceptual foundations of integrity. General theoretical features


What kind of determining requirements have to meet the behaviour of persons and organisations in the world of work? Among others – and emphasized – the joint demands of laws and several versatile regulations. Also, ethical values and norms. In connection with them, but in a wider sense, they also have to ensure that conceptions and plans in connection with actions can be appropriately realised in practice and further the processes should be harmonised, transparent and accountable. And all these should be realised in that way that achievements of individuals and organisations can be influenced targeted and effectively by management activity and organisational culture. This paper intends to present general conception and approach of integrity under consideration of these challenges, and connections with several social sectors are only mentioned as an illustration. Its main attention is oriented on strengthening of integrity in connection with individuals, organisations and professions. Its other main goal is to present integrity as one of the crucial components of good governing process.


integrity, theoretical features, conceptual foundations