Judit Szabó - György Virág

Sexual offenders in criminal policy context

Sexual offenders in criminal policy context


Aim: The purpose of the paper is to provide a brief overview of the instruments aiming at the treatment of sexual offenders and the prevention of reoffending, particularly regarding the issue of their effectiveness and the concerns about their use.
Methodology: The conclusions of the paper are based on a review of relevant international scientific literature.
Findings: The systematic analysis of the effectiveness of interventions is of utmost relevance from the standpoint of the protection of victims and of prevention. The fact that pedophilia is an emotionally heavily charged issue filled with basic hostility, that sexual offenders are depicted as a “dangerous class” of criminals and that sexual offences usually function as a driving force for harsh punitive criminal policy especially warrant the exploration of the actual effectiveness of each instrument.
Value: The authors aim to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on some criminal policy aspects of sexual offending and pedophilia.


sexual offender, paedophilia, chemical castration, sex offender registry