Kinga Sorbán

Law enforcement sciences and informatics

Law enforcement sciences and informatics


It is not easy to enumerate in detail criminal offences committable in connection with informatics as most of the statements of facts in the Criminal Code can be realised by help of the new technologic means. It is a colourful and widespread area demanding both from practical experts and from researchers of the field a new approach. This volume, edited by Kitti Mezei associate of the Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, took over the task to present with interdisciplinary character the effects of technologic development on criminal sciences. The volume of studies contains papers of several fields, so e.g. criminal substantive and proceedings law, criminalistics, criminology and law enforcement sciences. It offers insight by careful selection into problems which are still considered as science fiction, but the effects of them we can feel rather earlier than later in Hungary, too.


book review, law enforcement sciences, informatics