Available Contents

Available Contents

Under this menu item you can find for the printed Belügyi Szemle – ordered according to volumes and issues - authors’ names, articles’ titles and abstracts, keywords, page numbers, DOI identification and URL reference to the OJS (Open Journal Systems) archive of Belügyi Szemle. Clicking on the requested volume and page number are the data given above available.   

The column Forum opens opportunity not only for represents of the professional and scientific field but also for non-professional readers to publish messages with proactive and innovative ideas helping the exchange of information and views. The columns Interview, Portrait, Recension and International Review contain publications systematized according to the column names. In the column Outlook of the periodical you can find messages beyond the scientific areas in category of interest for Belügyi Szemle, but they are worth publishing because of their contents.

In case our readers need earlier access to any of the articles, we enable them to buy the given issue or issues in our Editorship. Our Editorship can also grant availability for certain articles. In such cases please contact us under the e-mail address szerkesztoseg@belugyiszemle.hu.

Under this menu item you can also find the archived database of Belügyi Szemle Plusz, our special issue published exclusively online six times in a year. By clicking on a given issue you will have the full content available. 

The issues of Belügyi Szemle are from the issue 2015/1. (with continuous uploading) in the REAL-J repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at following URL, by application of the open (gold) availability by the publisher, accessible. 


In the OJS (Open Journal Systems) archive of Belügyi Szemle is from the issue Belügyi Szemle 2015/1 each article recorded by continuous uploading. The records contain the abstracts, keywords and titles of the articles in Hungarian and in English and further the logo of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Further the names and the ORCID identification numbers of the authors and the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers of the articles are in the archive registered, as well as the dates of income and publication of the manuscripts are indicated.

The Open Journal Systems archive of Belügyi Szemle you can reach in Hungarian and in English at following URL link: