Scientific integrity

Scientific integrity

The Editorship of Belügyi Szemle and the Ministry of Interior as publisher are obliged to assure authenticity and the absence of plagiarism of the information in the data contents published in the professional and scientific periodical Belügyi Szemle, assuring in this way protection for intellectual property and confirming scientific integrity.

For protection and development of scientific integrity the editorship of Belügyi Szemle applies plagiarism checker and data content control service of iThenticate for manuscripts arrived after 1st January 2021. At the process of data checking – which means control of the data base CrossRef and a comprehensive and detailed check of Internet documents – the program creates and similarity coefficient, using similarity scores to measure how close resemblance the submitted manuscript shows to texts and documents published earlier. The editorship of Belügyi Szemle decides upon the similarity coefficient on acceptance or refusal of the manuscript.

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