Data Protection

Data Protection

This data protection and data handling regulation intends to give information for affected persons on handling, application, transfer of data stored on the website of the online periodical Belügyi Szemle (afterword: admin), and further on the application of data in connection with registration on the homepage.

Each maintainer of a website must publish a data protection information on the website according to REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (GDPR), and further to the Hungarian Act nr. CXII. of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information. To fulfil this obligation, we give the following information.

Admin’s data:

Office: 2090 Remeteszőlős, Nagykovácsi út 3.

Postal address: 2090 Remeteszőlős, Nagykovácsi út 3.

Phone  number: +36 (26) 795-900

Fax number: +36 (26) 795-918



Admin: the person or the legal entity, resp. unincorporated body that determines the aim of data handling independently or with others together, takes decisions on data handling (incl. the tools used).and exports or makes the data processor export them.

Data handling: unconsidered the process applied, any operation or operations, especially collecting, registering, saving, systematisation, saving, outlining, change, use, detection, export, publication, adjusting or connection, blockage, cancel and destruction and further blockage of use, making photo-, voice- or film records of personal data has to be considered as data handling.

Data protection incidence: security breach resulting in coincidental or illegal destruction, lost, change, illegal publication of or illegal access to exported, stored or in any other way handled personal data.

Person affected: any natural person identified, or -directly or indirectly- identifiable upon personal data.

User: any natural person over the age of 16 years who registers on the website and reads its content, saves it on other data medium or uses it in any other way. For persons registered as authors are special regulations valid, that you can find under the menu item AUTHORS.

Consent: voluntary and definite declaration of the will of the affected person, based on appropriate information, that expresses in an unequivocal manner his agreement -holistically or partially - to handling his personal data.

Personal data: any information on identified or identifiable natural person. Identifiable is a natural person who can be identified – directly or indirectly - especially by one or more factors like name, number, location data, online identification, or by physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social parameters.


The field of handled Personal data:

At the registration on the website of Belügyi Szemle under several menu items are following data obligatory to indicate: surname: first name, e-mail address, password.

Admin handles the personal data confidentially, according to operative legal rules, providing safety in the course of data handling.

Certain parts of the content of the website are freely to use under indication of the source. Contents of the website under copyright and any details of them (especially text, picture, video, animation, etc.) – except the cases of free use according to act LXXVI.A of 1999 – are only to use upon previous, written approval of Belügyi Szemle.

Use of the website must meet in each case the regulations of operative legal rules, so especially of the Act CIV. of 2010 on Freedom of the press and of media contents, the Act C. of 2012 on Criminal Code, Act XC. of 2017 on Criminal proceedings, Act V. of 2013 on Civil Law Code and Act LXXVI. of 1999 on Copyrights. About use of website content, you can get further information under the e-mail address

The aim of handling personal data received in quizzes (name, e-mail address of the participant and other personal data given in the message) is exact editing of the results of the quiz and of personal related messages received.


Handling of cookies

Cookies will be stored in a file of the computer’s or other device’s background memory of the person registered. The file content can be called up from the browser at any time by the sender web server of the cookie. The cookie is not suitable to identify the person registered on the website, it only can recognise his device. Aim of the use of cookies is to speed up the use of the website, and to balance the loads of the servers, or to help filling in by automatism.

Aim and legal basis of data handling

Aim of data handling by the Admin is the identification of user, the maintaining contact with user, the identification of user’s entitlement, the user’s legal defence, the technological development of the information technology system, the appropriate function, analysis and follow-up check of certain applications.

In case of data retained in log file with use of the website occurs saving and handling of data by admin exclusively due to technical reasons (analysis of safe operation and follow-up check of servers) resp. to statistical reasons.

Admin is entitled to use personal data for realisation any of above mentioned aims of data handling. Admin does not use the received personal for any other aims.

Admin is only entitled to handle data by previous voluntary declaration -based on appropriate information- of the person registered on the website. In this declaration the registered person gives an expressive consent for handling the personal data based on the personal data imparted by him and for data generated of them. The registered person has the right to withdraw his consent at any time, but it does not affect the legality of data handling before this withdrawal.

Export of personal data on third person or on authorities is -unless different legal regulation – exclusively due to legal provisions or provision of an authority, resp. on explicit consent of the registered person possible.

Admin will handle the personal data under consideration the principles of sincerity and honesty, transparency, accuracy and accountability, and further according to existing legislation and descriptions in present regulation. The extent of handled personal data is in proportion to the aims of data handling, must not exceed them.

Approach of handling personal data

Handling the data of persons registered for Newsletter

For the Newsletter you can register on the website of admin. With this registration the registered person gives a voluntary and definite consent for admin for handling personal data according to legal prescriptions. The person affected can any time and groundless unsubscribe the Newsletter. Simultaneously admin cancels the data stored for delivery of the Newsletter.

Handling of personal data delivered at the registration on the website

The person registered on the website voluntarily, decidedly and expressly consents to handling personal data by admin according to legal prescriptions and to present regulations.

The automatically and technically saved data stay stored in the system from their generation if necessary, for operation of the system. Admin ensures that these data captured automatically cannot relate to other personal data – except legal compulsory obligations.

Admin reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time by unilateral decision.

The person registered on the website excepts with next entrance the actual prescriptions of this Regulation, a further approval is not needed.