Simon Gabriella Ürmösné

Stunning Prisons Worldwide

Stunning Prisons Worldwide


There are many types of penal institutions all over the world. Most of them are overcrowded and harsh, humiliating conditions and mandatory rules surround the inmates. Other prisons swim on the sea or are in picturesque environment over the sea or in one of the Tuscan archipelagos, or in a dukedom. The rest could be represented by five-star penal institutions with all amenities, conveniences and facilities like tennis court, horse riding or swimming in the sea. There are also eco prisons existing with solar panels, bio diesel, recycling, and cultivations. Inmates may live in communities without the supervision of prison wardens and in lack of window-grates, moreover, they can move freely. They can buy their own cells and play with their children, and there are stalls, restaurants, hairdresser’s, and even a hotel in the vicinity of their cells. Other penal institutions accommodate the family members as well, which help children to be bound to their convicted parents, and the penal institution is disguised in order not to show real prison conditions. There are even prisons in the middle of a desert, and inmates are in military tents, dressed in pink clothes to avoid T-shirt thefts. Others are locked in a stone desert or far away in Siberia. While certain penal institutions can locate only two convicts, others may accommodate ten thousand ones. There is a wide spectrum, which can range from the most lenient penal institutions to the strictest ones.


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